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All our currently running Promotions at Fairfield Tennis.

Columbus Day Weekend Tennis Specials!

Don't miss your chance to take advantage of our upcoming specials!

This Friday, October 11th through Monday, October 14th we are offering you a Special Discounted Price for Open Court Rentals and Private Lessons with our new pros.

Open Court Special

$30 - 1 hour

New Pro Private Lesson Special

Book a Lesson and get to know our New FT Pros, Yancy and Romain

Private Lesson Rates:
Yancy Denis, Tennis Professional
$80 / hour
Romain Boissinot, Tennis Professional
$80 / hour

* Private Lesson specials are booked based on availability, only 1 per customer
*Must be taken Friday, October 11 - Monday October 14th, 2019




Registration Ongoing:

We’re looking to continue to spread our love of tennis this year to beginners and new players. Our goal is to introduce as many adults as possible to tennis through our Rally Program adult beginner tennis clinic.

The Rally Program encourages adults to learn and play using rally based drills. By using low compression balls, participants are able to start rallying within their first 10 minutes along with elevating their game by refining their strokes and introducing them to full court match play. 

Rally Now is a program that makes learning the basics of tennis fun, affordable, and easily accessible to adult beginner tennis players.

For a limited time we are offering our Rally Now clinic for 35% OFF our regular pricing to anybody new to our sport and new to the club*.


RALLY NOW! Total Beginner (Level 1.0)

  • 10 week class @ 35% OFF regular pricing

  • Cost: $350

  • min 3 - max 6 on court

*Must be a beginner and new to Fairfield Tennis

*This Player is just starting to play tennis.

RALLY ON! Beginner + (Level 1.5)

  • 10 week class @ 35% OFF regular pricing

  • Cost: $350

  • min 3 - max 6 on court

*This play has had limited experience with stroke development and is still working primarily on getting the ball into play. This player is not yet ready to compete.

RALLY AND PLAY! Advanced Beginner (Level 2.0)

  • 10 week class @ 35% OFF regular pricing

  • Cost: $350

  • min 3 - max 6 on court

*This player needs on-court experience, with an emphasis on play. This player struggles to find an appropriate contact point, needs stroke development/lessons and is not yet familiar with the basic positions for singles and doubles.

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